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Consejos de Temporada / Consells de temporada / Season Tips 

Mientras esperas tu turno queremos ofrecerte algunos consejos relacionados con la salud para la temporada actual de verano. Cualquier duda pregúntanos cuando te atendamos. Te animamos a que escuches estos vídeos muy cortitos que hemos preparado para ti. 

Mentre esperes el teu torn volem oferir-te alguns consells relacionats amb la salut per a la temporada actual d’estiu. Qualsevol dubte pregunta’ns quan t’atenguem. T’animem que escoltis aquests vídeos molt curts que hem preparat per a tu.

While you’re waiting for your turn, we want to offer you some health-related tips for the current summer season. Any questions ask us when we attend you. We encourage you to listen to these very short videos that we have prepared for you.

Today I want to explain to you why you have to buy your photoprotectors or sun protection creams at the pharmacy and not on other surfaces. First, the photoprotectors at the pharmacy are photostable, that is, in contact with the skin and with the sun, they will continue to have the same characteristics of protection we use it on the skin some creams lose or reduce their sun protection factor SPF when exposed to the sun that is why it is very important to check that the cream has this property Second that it is a grape that has a round white symbol like that it means that the concentration of ultraviolet protectors a and b is adequate to give you the

You all know that photoprotection is essential to keep Lupus away. I propose the following to know how much photoprotector you should apply, apply the amount that you think is in your hand, the amount that you consider suitable for one arm, use the spoon to collect the photoprotector so that it stays in your hand It lasts well if you see that it is not full, it means that instead of using protection with a factor of 50, I will only protect myself with a factor of 20, if you decide even less … half then the factor will be only 7. Repair in the whole body will be as follows: 1 teaspoon on each arm, 1 teaspoon on the chest and 1 teaspoon on the back, 2 teaspoons on each leg, 1 teaspoon on the face and if you also have a bald spot in this area, remember that 9 teaspoons are the right amount.

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